July 13, 2014

By the sea shore

We made a quick trip to the sea shore yesterday evening.
I needed to smell the salt.
We drove to Kaivopuisto,
which is one of the most beautiful parks by Helsinki sea shore.

The wind was warm,
and there weren't much surge.

But every tenth wave was long enough to wet my shoes:

I was a little dissappointed,
that after last visit there has been some smartening
- shore is very controlled with arranged stones.

On the way back we stop at Tervasaari.
A tiny little island.
Even though there is a nice view,
it wasn't for me.

Too much planted crops.
And everything planned.
But at least some has stem the tide:

What ever this is,
it has a lot of seeds to spread:

There could be seen ice-breakers
- on summer holiday:

And on the other side Kauppatorin ranta:

I have been in belief,
that Ferris wheel by Kauppatori shore never rose,
but there it was:

Should read news more careful, maybe.

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