July 27, 2014

Poor garden plot

I am not a passionate gardener.
I love my garden, and seeing the miracle of growing,
but if the weather is bad,
I won't work there.
Not in rain,
and not in the heat like we have had last week and half.
So, my garden plot is in quite bad shape.
But is is growing!

We (read: me) have eaten strawberries.

Today I picked up the ones I believe to be last:

We have also eaten a lot of sugar peas:

Brown garden snails have got party with beans.

I cut some onion helves
- after all the rain we have got,
they are easily rupturing.
Going to freezer and will be used in soups:

Oregano is in bloom.
Peppermint is ready,
and potatoes are growing:

I also found ONE parsnip!

First ringflower is blooming:

And I have forgot,
there has been something needed to water...

Soapgrout is fine,
but I am not sure yet,
if I will collect roots:

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