July 7, 2014

Surface drain

During repairing exterior cladding
my hubby decided there have to be 
surface drain beside the wall, too.

So he dug side of the wall open.
And we had a drain project.
Which was put on hang for a while.
Gladly not until fall.

After digging hubby set on it filter fabric
- an so it wait.
A week.
And an other.

Normal drain would come under the frost line,
but this one is planned just to control surface water.
So it doesn't need to be in so deep.
If we would have basement, situation would be all different
and this kind of drain would be out of question.

Then one day I saw hubby walking with some short length of piping.
He put them into drains he had dug crosswise

And slightly covered them.

Well, there was a wheelbarrow full of weeds waiting for carryng away.

It took few more days until the pipes were bought:

Actually after that things proceeded very fast 
and pipes were wrapped in filter fabric 

and berried under the ground.


I have been told there will come tiled path.

Will this actually change anything? 
I really don't know.

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