September 6, 2014

Long, long way from home

We are in Iisalmi.
Supermoto race season will be closed tomorrow.
Compared the truth,
that I am a very bad traveller,
when I need to sit in car,
this drive went quite well.

We had first stop in Cafe Heila.
It wasn't typical break place by the road.
They had also restaurant - and service.

Lobby for rest rooms were nice

And there were also fall decorations in restroom!

First I looked, they were soaps,
but they are lantern flowers.

Next stop was in very typical gas station,
Just to keep feet ground.
I took instead of coffee ice cream.
Cloudberry. Yam!

The best thing during this drive was,
that we stopped in IKEA at Kuopio.

And of course we had meatballs over there.
Fries weren't as good as they use to be in Vantaa.

I found most of things, I have planned for bathroom,
So, when all this is over, I finally should have time to change color!
Well, after huge pile of laundry
And making some apple puree....

I am wondering,
why I pay so much attention to rowan-berries,
but they seems to to be as much berries here in northern east,
as in south.
But I just cannot remember seen so much.
And can't help thinking, 
what kind of winter it will be.

I booked our hotel in internet last night.

In hurry and tired,
So I didn't bather to look it closely.
Hotel is a hotel, right?
Bed and breakfast.

And so we are staying in historic building.

Filled with marmora and antique furnitures.

We were actually escorted to our room!
Maybe concierge though we couldn't find it otherwise?

Ok, single beds are weird.
But still, makes huge difference for becoming race day
- even though I will have very luxory kitchen, too.

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