May 12, 2015

Memories of Madona: Pärnu-Hesinki

It doesn't take hours to drive from Pärnu to Tallinn.
Google says it is less than two hours without traffic.
It sure takes longer from us.

Here and there we saw Forsythias in bloom.

Hubby stopped few times before arriving Tallinn.

In gas stations, of course.
These orange gas bottles are kind of funny.
I guess they are stations,
where you are able to fill your own gas bottle.
Instead if changing whole bottle.

I really have no idea, how does it happen.
No stop meant also admiring landscapes through car window.

The sea of wood anemones was behind gas station,

but marsh marigolds just run in the eyes by the road...

They were shining yellow all the way.

First thing what we did in Tallinn,
 was eating.
We all were starving
and my hand were shaking so badly,
I couldn't get a good photo.

No details,
 too hungry to wait.
We had few hours for shopping,
but didn't really make many,
just few napkins
- and cheese.

Crossing was a little rocking

small whitecap were seen,

but when sun was setting down,
the sea was looking calm and peaceful

When we arrived Helsinki,
the moon was full.

I wish I will be able to travel to Estonia during the summer again.
After coming home life has been so hectic,
that I hardly manage to run after it.
My timetables are ruined
and most of days I am not sure,
where to rush.
It seems that there won't be lazy summer....

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