May 17, 2015

A little helper

Little Princess spent weekend at us.

When my kids spent time at my mother's,
they were clean and polished,
when they came back home.
I am not that kind of grandmother.
We made some cleaning in garden plot.

I wasn't expecting much,
because she has just learned to run.
I was expecting to have to run after her all the time
instead of weeding.
So, so wrong!
She weeded like a professional.
And after few hours it could easily be seen,
that someone has been working hard in garden plot.

I m not sure if her parents are so pleased when they come to pick her up.
There is still a lot to do,
even though we spent there two afternoons.
Goatweed have spread badly.


  1. Pieni multasormi <3

    1. Tässä on suoranaisena tavoitteena saada mummolle apulainen puutarhaan, kun poikakolmikosta ei yksikään ole ollut riittävän kiinnostunut :-)