May 26, 2015

Crazy days, crazy week

Omenapuun alla
It has been crazy and hectic week.
At work, at home.
Working overtime.
Getting prepared to racing weekend.
Trying to sleep in the the spring light,

when sun forgets to go down early enough.

On Friday evening, in the middle of everything,
we got a great pause: a musical.
Our grandsons are in privet daycare and organization has also a school.
The musical was arranged by them.
So, I really was waiting for an other, well, you know, school musical.
And I couldn't be more surprised.
They had made so much work (over six months, actually) 
and paid so much attention for every little detail.
Yes, it was enjoyable.
Ship rat and his tail
And not just because my birthday present was on stage as a ship rat.

I spent Saturday on race track.
Feeding men.
Hanging around.
Trying to watch the race in cold and windy weather.
Letting out a sigh of relief, 
when race was over.
It seems that weather is great when I am at work,
sitting in office
- and it turns windy and rainy,
when I get home.
Not fair.
And not fair is,
that someone has ruined my peonies in front yard.

Yep. They are eaten:

Clematis is growing buds bigger and bigger.

 And forget-me-not is in the bloom.
Earlier than usually.

I am hoping I am able to get at least few days off during next week.
I got to get garden plot done.


  1. Mun on alettava pelaamaan uhkapelejä entistä enemmän koska sitten kun se iso voitto tulee, niin mä alan sponssaamaan motoristia (hartaana toiveena että pääsisin katselemaan kisoja varikolta käsin koska noi leivät ja muut eväät näytti aika hemmetin houkuttelevilta :D

    1. Lottovoitto olis kyllä ihan kiva. Ja vielä jos muistais lotota, niin mahdollisuudet paranis kummasti..Olis omasta mielestänikin mukava sponssata kakaraa vähän enemmällä kuin voileivillä. Vaan elämä on.Varikollehan voi tulla, jos sattuu kisapaikkakunnalle, eiköhän sitä kävijällekin jotain myös tarjota :-).