November 1, 2014

A bit un-ordinary Kekri-day

At the moment,
I am writing this,
I have a view in my kitchen:
Motorist and his girlfriend are standing by the sink 
opening feta package.
They are making chicken salad.

It seems to include 
cherry tomatoes, mandarin, banana, fresh cucumber, feta, grapes, apple
 - and of course fried chicken.

This is her first visit at our house,
and oh boy, she came straight in the middle of total chaos.

Day started with sun and frost.
Just beautiful.
No wind, not too cold.

I was already planned quiet dinner
- just Hubby and I,
when the First grandson called,
he want to come over.
Ok, no problem,
just more plates on table.
Few more appetizer and rolls,

Everything was almost ready,
when two of three came...

Hubby pick them up
- my eldest came with her younger little later.

We ate early,
because Little Princess was coming over, too.
She would stay over night
- my daughter in law is turning 30
and party is only for adults.

So, at the moment Motorist walked in with Her,
Hubby was talking "baby-talk" with Little Princess,
Little Princes was shrieking,
three little Spidermen were running and jumping around
- with blood-curdling screams,
my Eldest was moaning about her hair...
All the way from door to living room and kithcen
 were captivated with toys 
-and baby supplies...
I was -of course!- cool and calm...
(believe or not, like a zombie...)
wearing my red tracksuit,
covered with old paint...
Nice first contact, really!

This use to be rather peaceful weekend,
this year wasn't alike the other.
But no matter what:

Let the harvest be good next year 
and let ancestries wander in peace!

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