October 30, 2014

Ready for Kekri

I haven't been sure at all,
if I get anything ready for Kekri.
But I did. 
Table is ready for setting.
Of course these candles weren't the only thing I did.

But sure it was surprising hard to end this.

I put some decor in to the bowl I just love.
Can't put it aside yet
 -like it too much.
So, Mr Hedgehog got a new home 
- and two friends.
Mice, of course.
Lights are put into vase.
There is old decor from Christmas flower...
As during this time of year it is gray and dark,
I like to put as much lights as possible.
Around the window...

And candle stick...

And painted cones in vase.
And ice. Just a little.

Most of mice are still waiting in baskets.

Finally painted ball on the top of cones...

Table will be set  on Saturday for Kekri dinner.

Tomorrow evening I will spend in "volunteer" dinner served by Group.

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