October 7, 2014

Dried and extracted marigolds

I love marigolds.
They are easy to grow.
They will bloom,
when others have already stopped.
They are colorful.
They are bright.
And I can use them in skin care.

I -of course - dry them.

I mean flowers.
Simple way.

Just twitch off petals and spread them on paper.

And let them dry.

All over the house.
On every empty surface...

Marigolds are s little slow to dry.
But they keep their color beautiful.

They could be used for coloring,
but I have never tried that.

Instead I mix them with sea salt.
To get foot bath salt.
I mix salt and marigolds with mortal.

And I mix them with basic cream,
for daily use:

I know marigold is used as herb tea,
but I bet it tastes terrible.
No thanks for me.

I also made extract from fresh marigolds.

Extracting in alcohol takes whole lot less space than drying.
And isn't any hard work.
Just put fresh marigold flowers in jar.

Add some clear alcohol (40-80%).
As I know I won't swallow any of this,
I used disinfection alcohol.
Mixing ratio is 1/10.

Then lid on and into fridge.
In a week there is strong extract to mix in oil, cream, water...
After funneling into bottle,
I put some almond oil in jar with same marigolds.
Just to get strong marigold oil.

Next winter I won't have any problems with dry skin!

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