October 18, 2014

Games with girls

It has been quite a while ,
when we last time had board game night with girls last time.
Last night we had.

My younger daughter had few new games for testing.
We started with this:

I have never played any role game earlier,
so this was whole mystery for me.

It was lot of fun to remove parts,
It seems it doesn't take much to amuse me...

Wow, lot of little parts!

There was a tiny problem:
all the instructions were in English,
and somehow we manage to figure the first round,
but that was it...

We quit.
Maybe some other day.
With some-one,
who has at least some experience of role games.
But we didn't quit playing,
just small world.
We moved to travelling:
Building trains were a lot of fun,
and travelling through from one city for an other was nice,
as none of us weren't mean to each other 
by forcing to change the route :-)

I didn't manage to make all my routes through...
But i was lot of fun
- and just what I needed after very hard week.

Helps to adapt to becoming winter
and frosty mornings:


  1. Roolipelaaminen - pelilautaa käyttäen - on mulle täys mysteeri mutta osaan sujuvasti katsella kun siskojen muksut pelaavat tietokoneillaan WOW:ia ja muita (joita on niin huru mycket etten enää muista niiden nimiä) :D

    1. Niin ja olisinkin kysynyt sellaista asiaa että ahtaako teikäläisellä olla tiliä twitterissä? Pukkasin nimittäin tämän sun postaukses sinne...