October 28, 2014

Golden bedroom

For some reason I want gold around me.
It is bit of mystery,
because I haven't been any fan of it.
Is it age?
here we go.
Gold in our bedroom:

I run into those curtain in flea market,
and they were hanged by Hubby:

This is quite rare
- and just because I am practical one-handed.
Bedspread is old
- it was in use last November, too.
I bought it via FB flea market,
when needed bigger one.
On window ledge I collected some novelties.
Ikea vase filled with potpourri
and golden ribbon around:

Around old metal basket I rolled few ribbons:
There is a place for Christmas flower...
 And I have made some crafting...
These are from few years back,
I painted them in to new color
- and put in to vase I have got as gift in opening of my art exhibition.
About craft later on, though.

And because I bought more than one lantern last year,
I put one of them over there, too.
Need to change battery, 
there isn't much light left.
What else?
A lot of empty lockers to fill with Christmas decoration:
Effigies are from South Korea
- we have got them as wedding present.

One box, opposite to bed, got in candles
(no, I won't burn them in the box). 
On bottom there is candle stick that was very popular on 70s'
and on them parts from old lamp.
That's it.

We really should find a bead board.


  1. Great touches of gold and I love your curtains!

    1. Thanks, there will be more gold in our house becoming weeks. :-)