November 24, 2014

Christmas home 2013

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On 2013 our home was blue and silver and white during Holiday season.
I started decoration for Kekri from living room and dining area.
Snowballs on the lamp over the table:

and icicles and stars, too:

A little light and spark:
Mice (from Ikea) were planned on to Christmas eve table,
but they seemed to take their place all over living room and dining area...

Lights and more lights...

Some fake flowers and old flower decor in small candle glasses...
Few snowdrifts...
And more mice...

In kitchen - no mice,
but bling-bling...

Almost forgot the Mr Hedgehog:

And brand new light twigs..
This star will be somewhere becoming Christmas time, too:

I know mice have part at our becoming Christmas, too
- they have already started to taking over the house...
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  1. Your dining room is spectacular! Love all the cool lights and sparkle. My daughter would love that hedgehog!

    1. Thank you! Hedgehog is bought from Ikea. I am also very font of him. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! This time of year we need all the lights we can get. I like to put them mostly in - because I spent more time in than out :-)

  3. Everything is so pretty! Pinning this....

  4. Lots of fun bling! So very festive... :-)

  5. I love bling-bling this time of year..., I love bling-bling All The Time, but can use it only during Christmas ;-)

  6. Love the lighted bowl... I think I will try and recreate that in my Christmas decorating this year. Not sure I want so many mice in my house :-)

    1. I know it is weird to be front of these mice...I wouldn't be glad at all to get REAL mice into my house, though :-D. But I am glad these ones pleases visiting grandchildren, too.