June 28, 2014

Tonight: Status Quo

Status Quo was tonight in Järvenpää, in Puistoblues.
And so were we.
And thousands of others.

Not so crowded as it used to be.
(Last time we were there was few years ago, when there was ZZ-Top on stage)
Maybe because it wasn't allowed to bring own wines
- or other drinks with?

I think that organizers had made great job
with arranging an area where one were able to have pick-nick with alcohol.
But of course,
I am not best to pore that over,
as I just drink coffee:

We left car to parking place of my workplace
and took a bus to Vanhankylänniemi.
Non-stop busses between railway station and festival place are great service!

Weather had been just wonderful whole day,
and it still was in the evening.

We came over a little early,
- just enough time to buy a bracelet for me:

We have been looking for one for few years now,
the most pleasing one would have been symbol of eternity,
but haven't been lucky with it.
So my hubby bought me this instead.

Generation of rock and roll is one of a kind.

Old papas are able to swing.
And love it.

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