June 5, 2014

Blogger meet by Kotipuutarha-magazine

I was invited to Blogger meet sponsored by Kotipuutarha -magazine.
Kotipuutarha is a garden magazine published by Garden Association.

Kotipuutarha sample number 3/2013
When invitation came, I first couldn't believe it.
Is this true? Is this a joke?
Is this some kind of junk-mail?

Then I was thrilled. Boy, I really was excited!
And curious. And flattered. And overjoyed. And thrilled. And...
I almost could't wait.
I googled if there been a lot of meets like that,
but could't find any but few fashion ones.
Was this really the very first one and I was in?

So on Tuesday I left work exactly 4 p.m.
and catch a train to Helsinki.
In the rain. Without raincoat or umbrella.
Meet was held at Mosa Interiors and to get there I needed to change train in Tikkurila.
I had tight schedule so I wasn't very pleased to find out the other local train was cancelled...

I was almost in time,
but just imagine how I looked:
first got wet in the rain and then sweaty because of running...

The evening itself was very interesting.
We met editors of Kotipuutarha magazine
and their photographer gave us tips,
how to get better photos from garden.
I didn't tell anyone, that I don't have camera at all...
and take all my photos in blog by my old phone.
But one day I'll buy one and then I know how to use it!

We had a chance to make questions of gardening from experts
- and of course we had a great chance to change tips between us.

Pore catering had made great rolls with zucchini, tomato and fresh asparagus.
After coffee we had a chance to shop in Mosa Interioirs' shop.
As knowing it ahead (it was mentioned in invitation),
I had told my self to keep myself calm.
It worked find with pillows covered with rugs.
It worked with pots.
It worked with candles.
But then.
I just couldn't pass them.

And neither this bowl.

It was great to meet other bloggers.
So nice people, all of them! 
It was a pleasure to meet all of them.
And I know I will read their blogs differently for now on.

Hope I'll get invited next time again.

It was a great night and when I got home,
there was a surprise waiting for me in front yard....

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