June 11, 2014

Buzz -Shredded Wheat

I am a Buzzador.
It means I get occasionally  products to explore.
And sometimes also samples to give for friends, too.
This time it was Shredded Wheat.

These are wheat,
stuffed with strawberry, raspberry and cranberry.

And so we tasted them...

Little boys tried them with milk.

One liked, other said he'd rather have chocolate cereals.

We had them with as in Kuopio and Imatra in racetracks.
As snacks:

They are a bit healthier than fe candies or chips.
Not too sweet, though.

I took one box in to office with me,
so my colleagues could taste them, too.

One box was eaten fast.
There is a trap with these:
they can be addictive!

First they feel a bit dry,
but when you bite the pillow,
you'll get berry spread.
And before you notice,
you'll take an another.
And an another.
And an another...

Would it be right to say:
good, but dangerous?


  1. I love shredded wheat! These look really good!

    1. These were good - I even might buy these :-)
      Have a nice day!

  2. Never tried shredded wheat but it looks good and healthier. I need to try them.

    1. I hadn't eat these earlier either and was positive surprised - I didn't expect them to be so good eaten dry.

  3. I never tried shredded wheats but they look good and healthier. Thank you.