June 16, 2014

Dining area - opposite to green

I wanted pink in my life.
But not too much.
So I have used fuchsia, magenta and other red tints.
And I had my new peony lights.
And a bowl.

So I spread table clothes and the lights.

Put the bowl and silver candle cups among.

The bowl looked stupid empty,
and I hadn't any fruits or berries to put in it,
so I made an arrangement.

Into corner I hanged one of my favorite paintings:
Pandora's Pot
- and a fake peony.

The little white flowers are put in candle wax.

Curtains are dark, 
but so thin,
they give light through.

Guess, who loves peonies?


  1. Such a pretty arrangement and set up. I love these colors when mixed together.

    1. Thanks, Jazmine! Just now I love these colors and comfort feeling they give to me.