May 8, 2015

Memories of Madona - a day in Madona

I was so glad,
when we finally arrived to Hotel Madona.
After sitting in car for hours,
it was great to know,
there will be a chance to spread your arms,
if you want to.

View from hotel were,
well, variable.
Beautiful sights of streets...

to the lines of vans.

Quite many Supermoto drivers slept in same hotel.

Next morning I had few minutes to walk around the hotel,
and the very first thing I walked into,
was snails.
Same brown snails,
that eats all the green in my garden:

But I saw also something else.
Like beautiful pergola.
Imagine the beauty when the creepers will start bursting green.

This could be school in back of the square with blue bridge.

Yes, it was raining.
And it was windy.
And freezing.

When we left to race track,
I found out,
that my shoe wasn't in the best shape.

At race track flags were swinging in the wind.

My "kitchen" was just a microwave and coffee maker
- in the van.

No gathering around the table in Madona...

I walked around and found blooming cowslips.
I thought there were wild
but maybe they were there in purpose.
privet area
Day got clearer slowly.

and I had some time to take few more snaps between making coffee
- and stressing.

For some reason this race was easier for me to handle.

I was so grateful for my colleague,
who gave me water- and windproof suit.
I wouldn't win any stylist-woman-of-the-day contest in it,
but I wasn't freezed either.

Weather turned bad again after two rounds.

It was time to start our journey back home.

Travelling to Madona:
Through Latvia                                                                                    To be continue...

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