March 28, 2015

Yoga with

I am a Buzzador.
It means, that I get different products and services for try every now and then. 
And also get some examples to give to friends and colleagues.
For exchange I tell my honest opinion and how I feel about the product.

I am quite lazy person.
When I come home from work, I also want to stay at home.
So I don't take part any gym classes anymore. 
During my life I have - believe or not - tried many different kind of sports and ways to keep in fit, but not yet yoga.
I guess that there could be yoga lessons near by cities, but as said, I am not keen of going anywhere when I finally get home.
That is why I interested in

Yoogaia is the first live online yoga studio in the world that brings yoga, pilates, core and kettle bell classes to your home, in real-time. If you miss a live class, you can watch the recording anytime.
And classes are found both in Finnish and English.

If you join live class, you can choose if teacher sees you or not - and if you choose to use web cam, you are able to get personally guided.
Others joining the class won't be seeing you, so it doesn't matter if you are shy!
And of course you are not recorded.

As yet I have by myself just went through recorded classes. There are tens of them, too! 

Prices surprised me: they were very reasonable. 
And what the best: if your employer offers you fe. Smartum, you can pay classes with them, too.

On you can get 7 days free trial and at the same time you'll start Yoogaia will donate 1£ / new user for girls' education through Plan. 
If you want to try it a little longer, email me (, and I will send you a code that gives you 14 days trial (valid until 1.4.2015).

Maybe we will join the same class someday?


  1. Great to know about your yoga studio. When I started watching yoga videos, I was not sure I can lose my weight or not. But truly, thanks to my friend who motivated me to do exercise daily and now I am a girl of perfect figure.

    1. In Yoogaia there is not only videos, there is also live lessons through internet - and you are able to get personal training, too, so it is quite a lot more than average yoga videos. Nice to hear, that yoga has helped with your weight control.