March 17, 2015

Indoor allotment taken in use

I got indoor allotment as a Christmas gift from my daughter.
It has been hard to wait spring and light to get it in use!
It is so cute with picket fences and tiny cottage.
And the size is perfect for windowsill.

Package included everything that is needed:
plant pots with drainage
soil pellets
seeds (coriander, basil and oregano)
herb snips (promise of harvest, wohoo!)
Pellets were funny.
I have never had them before,
so it was a lot of fun to see 
how they swelled in pots.
When pellets had swollen,
it was time to sow the seeds.
Coriander has quite big seeds, 
and there was only half of pot of  peat,
so it was a little hard to get them all deep enough.
I have never sowed coriander before,
so I have no idea, 
if it is hard to grow or not.
That will be seen later, though.

After sowing I put herb snips and extra coriander seeds in to "storage house"...

...and carried allotment on the windowsill.

Now it is time to wait the harvest!

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