March 25, 2015

Hair is woman's crown

I am a Buzzador.
It means, that I get different products and services for try every now and then. 
And also get some examples to give to friends and colleagues.
For exchange I tell my honest opinion and how I feel about the product.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebookyou have already seen this:

A huge and shiny package from Dove.
I have always felt products of Dove a little luxury - and even this package gave the same idea.

When I wrapped folio off, I found the most beautiful box.

And when I opened it, I was, well, like a teenager pattering " just not true!"

This was way more than I was expecting.

It is said, that hair is woman's crown.
My hair is a nightmare:
It is dry.
It is slight.
It is all the time flat.

"Dove Oxygen and Moisture products is made for typical Scandinavian hair.
It is planned to give moisture, support and care without flattering hair."
So they say.
And I had a chance to check, if it is true.

I was extra delighted, because tubes were turquoise colored
-they matched with my now-a-days bathroom.
Extra + for that :-)

When I first time washed my hair with Dove Oxygen & Moisture, I paid attention of the smell.
It somehow wasn't so clear "Dove-like", and I don't mean it smell bad, no, not at all,
it just smell different. Shampoo itself was turquoise, too, conditioner was white.

After washing, my hair felt more wet than earlier. Like I hadn't dry it well with towel. I didn't found out any immediate thickness at the moment I combed it. 
But, when my hair was dry, it DID felt more thick! I couldn't be more surprised.

On daily life I am really lazy to do anything with my hair: I just make a knot.

Because my hair is slippery, it is sometimes hard to keep it in fit, but after using Dove Moisture and Oxygen, it has been easier. I don't know why, because my hair is still very soft.
After two weeks use, I haven't found one thing, that was mentioned in brochure: my hair isn't more straight it has been - it still goes here ever it wants. 

That changed, when I finally had a busy morning with leaving to seminar.
I had to use hair dryer -and boy, it was so simple to get my hair dry AND straight. Not to mention, how much thicker it looked.
And it was in shape even in the evening, when I finally got back home - I cannot remember that has happened in ages (or without continuous retouching and half of bottle of hair spray).

I guess I might even buy Dove Oxygen & Moisture shampoo and conditioner - even though it isn't cheapest on the market. But my crown just might be worth of it.


  1. Jaahas, sitä sitten liityttiin Buzzadoristien laajaan armeijaan vaan eipä tuo naista pahenna. Itse asiassa jurtan porukoissa on aika monta Buzzadoristia....ainakin (ja mikäli oikein muistan) Kiki ja tais niitä olla vielä peri muutakin mitä mä en tämän helvetin dementiani takia muista.

    1. Olen minä ollut jo pari vuotta...ja hauskaa on ollut. Kukapa ei tykkäisi saada kaikkia kivoja juttuja kokeiltavaksi ja kavereille jaettavaksi :-) Puhumattakaan siitä, että allekirjoittaneen mielestä on aina kivaa, kun joku vaivautuu mielipidettä kyselemään. Niin, ettei tarvitse laukoa niitä kyselemättä joka kerta, hahhaa..Jos haluat mukaan, niin ilmoittele, laitan kutsun :)

  2. Very nice! I can just imagine how much fun it was to get that! :D

    1. These test- packages are like Christmas presents - and I love that I have a chance to give some testers to my friends and colleges, too :-)