March 18, 2015

Tiny wreath for early spring

Weather has been warm.
So warm, that it seems we are having spring already.
Last year we had quite a lot of snow at the same time of year.
So I am just a little skeptical.
The vernal equinox will be in few days.
Then has to be at least spring wreath on the door.

Well, the bigger wreath from last spring is still hanging on cottage door,

so I had only the smaller willow wreath for use as base.

I like to use these willow wreaths as base,
because I can easy add fake flowers etc on it without glue,
just threading them around and between.
And as can be seen, this one has also used earlier
- I took off berry branches, but let the ribbon and leaves be.

When I was looking for something yellow to put on wreath.
I found these little cocktail parasols

A little washed-out and dusty,
but it doesn't matter as they are going out.

The fake flowers are from last years wreath
- which I re-done a little later.

Two twigs with willow cats
- fake ones, too, bought someday in early 90'.

Flowers were in bunches,
and they needed to cut separate.
I almost start ruining one pair of scissors,
but remembered,
that I have bought last fall A Tool:
Nippers? Shears? Not sure, what they are called,
but they cut iron bar.
So I filled willow wreath with flowers 
and add cocktail parasol on it.

That is for becoming summer,
it the wreath ill stay on the door longer than planned...

It isn't very rare in this house,
as I have had Christmas wreath on door in February...

Well, Hello Spring!

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