November 5, 2014

Light brown sofas -and desperate dog

We use to recycle things between our homes, 
my children and I.
There is no limit: furnitures, textile, dishes, little decorative items...
When we need something,
we start first asking from each other.
So I was able to change the color of our sofas
with covers,
that had been at my eldest son earlier.

Covers are light brown,
or maybe cappuccino? Or milk cacao?
For me - just light brown.
But, guess what...
They have other side golden!

I really though more than a while,
if I should put them inside out...
There would be a lot of gold...
I didn't want as much, though.

They are wrinkly,
but when we are in living room,
my Hubby will lie down on one 
- and I will on the other,
so they would be wrinkly anyway after one night.
Light brown covers on sofas
Rokkari taking a nap...
Pillows and blanket for Hubby:
Brown blanket and white pillows on the sofa

For the other sofa I had an idea,
that I have seen several times in Pinterest.
Pinterest seems to be full of pillow covers made by old shirts
- without sewing.
I wanted to make my own.
I took an old shirt 
and enfold it around a pillow.
It looks ridiculous.

How come my imagination is so different to result?
I put a dog I have got from my mother couple a year ago
to guard that lumb:

He looks a little desperate on it:
A little desperate dog on golden pillow made by old shirt without sewing


  1. Great covers for your sofas. The color is great because you can add any color to it. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I appreciate it.


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