June 25, 2014

Southern slope

Next to southern side of the house is slope.
There grows few bushes
- under couch grass.

"Not in the eyes, not in the mind"
- it is around the corner,
so slope will seen only from the road passing by...

Some of the flowers has managed over there:

we decided there should plant something that curbs
the sun, the rain and the snow.

We chose to plant some thujas in there.
And so I started to digging couch grass.

After hours of work I had a little piece clear,
so we could with the First One plant flowers my hubby had brought:

But there was a lot of this:

 So I did weeding and digging and weeding...
It felt never ending.

And maybe it wouldn't end at all
and nothing would be plant
if my hubby wouldn't just decided
that he digs the panting holes,

we'll drive to nursery,
get thujas and plant them
- and after that I could go on with weeding.

And so we did.
I wandered in thuja wood

and picked the ones I wanted
He loaded cart:

and van

During paying plants,
we got 5% discount
-just because we had so expensive purchase!

And thujas got planted.
Everyone got one bucket of rain water
and some new soil.

It looks nice already.

Not ready yet, though.
Will put there newspapers and sea-sand on the ground to make weeding easier later.
And the drain needs to be finished.

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