June 17, 2014

Living room - have to change, too

As our living room is connected to dining space, 
it cannot be filled with very opposite color.
Or it could,
but I couldn't stand it.

So some changes over there, too.
It started earlier
- already before race in Imatra with first peonies:

Next to it I arranged a candle
- just because I love that simple candlestick.
And rocks.
And a basked filled with decoration hay and little flowers:

The hay is left from my eldest wedding
- and these little flowers from our eldest son's engagement party.
Rock candles I have got as a gift.
And the little rock in the middle
- I found it from Imatra racetrack.
It has an heart in the middle:

Front of window few more peonies:

Table cloth under is from Lapuan kankurit

Curtains are from the time our younger daughter lived at home:

And as can be seen, the house isn't in order like magazines.

Finally behind the sofa a rug made by my grandmother:

Hallway and bedroom following...


  1. Very pretty room, Eva - love the peonies, my favorite flower....

    1. Thanks, Cathy! I have a plan to fill my yard with peonies, but have a problem with voles - they seems to love them, too.

  2. Even though your house isn't like a magazine it is beautiful and I love how you have a meaning for everything that you place in our house.

    1. Thanks! I usually have a huge problem, when try to take photos for my blog - someone (not me...) always makes a mess around here ;-)

  3. Everything looks beautiful. I love the rock with the heart.

    1. Thank you, Dawn! The rock was lucky find and I guess I'll keep it long, long time.