May 24, 2016

Garden is growing fast

Last days weather has been great,
and garden is growing really fast.
Before out trip to Tabaslu, Estonia (more about it later),

I could see apple trees will get a lot of flowers
- and when we came back,
they really did.

It looks like we will get a lot of apples in the fall.
Clematis has also starting within these days.
Well, it might already be in bloom
- I don't know,
because I am not at home during writing this.
Hope it still blooms,
when I get home on Friday.
And BTW, I also hope, 
that hobby doesn't forget to take care of tomato plants while I am gone...
Golden currant blooms, too.
And by the sanbox there seems to be two new currants.
Cannot say,
if they are black or red. 
Probably red,
because they are closer.
strawberries are in bloom,...
as well buttercops, too.
I love my garden this time of the year just because nothing has been dilapidated,
and arianta arbustorum haven't made much damages, either.
And yes, there is killed arianta arbustorum on the rock.
Can you imagine hubby walking around before 5 o'clock searching arianta arbustorums?
Me neither.
So I guess after this week there will be some damages...
Maybe these two have started a family
and need a lot of food?
I would love to serve them arianta arbustorums!

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