May 25, 2016

Tabasalu Estonia in haste

The very first race of Finnish Championship of Supermoto was in Tabasalu, Estonia last Sunday.
Leaving over there was uncertain until Saturday morning.
So there was a little hurry to buy ticket on board
and make reservation to the hotel.
It was almost "take your passport and toothbrush" departure:
only few hours time to shop foods and pack.
We knew at the time,
that I'll leave early in Monday morning to the spa
- and spend there a week alone - 
so that gave a little more challenge.
The weather was nice, but windy: 12m/s,
so it wasn't pleasant to spent time on the deck.
Hubby and I stayed at Radisson Blu Olumpia,
and we decided to walk from port up there.
During thet walk I realized,
why I am so keen about Tallinn.
There is so surprising mix of old and new,
that walking around makes it always an adventure.
You never know,
what you find from next corner.
Our room was on the floor 10,
so the view was over the city.
The greatest surprise was,
that our room had a bath tub.
We don't have one at home,
so it is always luxury to get into bath tub.
And yes, I sure had a bath!
And no, we didn't make any sightseeing rounds.
This church was across our hotel.
I took a photo during our walk to the shop.
In the morning we had breakfast in the hotel,
and it was great.
And those little milk bottles in the table,
so sweet!
I also loved the set-ups in the revolving door.
Unfortunately it worked well,
so taking a photo was quite hard.
And the reason for this trip: race.
So it was time to make quick breakfast for boys.
Back to home we left in afternoon,
and on the board we were sitting in the pub and watching ice hockey...
I loved that cute little treat,
which hubby got with his coffee.
During being away one night,
the apple trees had burst in bloom.
What a welcome home.

Right now I am spending time in spa,
days filled with scheme.
I might be a new person,
when I get home.

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