April 13, 2015

Lilac in bedroom

Painting by ES
During Saturday it was a great weather:
sun was shining and temperature got up to 15C.
I spent hours outside
- but got not so much done.
But in the evening I made some changes in bedroom.

A week ago I came back home happy:

I bought a  bedspread from flea market.
It is actually Ikea's Karit.
With two pillowcases.

I just needed some change after winter,
and this year pink felt too, well, pink.

So I hanged up curtains,
the same ones I used to have in living room last summer.
There was a little problem:
other knob of curtain rod has stuck in 
-and so I had to go on with one golden-white and one lilac-pink hanging on...

I got help with it later,
so I do not need to live with it :-)
During waiting help,
I changed the lamp and 
 put some peonies on my night stand...
...hanged painting "Evening in the spring" on the wall...
...spread more peonies around (myself)...
on the shelf across the bed...
...on the dresser under the shelves,
next to the elephant we have got as marriage gift...
Poor guy has lost pieces from his teeth.
I threw myself on the bed to see,
what I will see.
Peony on the left....
archipelago Landscape front of me...
...peonies on the right...
Few rose blankets on the bed 
and here we are.
With just one pink pillow.

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