April 25, 2015

Heading to summer

Omphalodes verna
This is that magical time of the year,
when new life is seen around every day.
I m enjoying it in my garden.
Omphalodes vernas are blooming all over.

New crocuses are rising up here and there.
Yellow crocus

Narcissuses are on their way to bloom

Under the apple tree there are new wood anemones.
Just few.
Anemonoides nemorosa
Anemonoides nemorosa
Under the bedroom window liverworts are starting to seed,
but eastern blue lilies are starting to bloom
Idän sinililja
They are starting to color front yard, too.
On the south side of the house blooms field pansies.
Viola arvensis
Viola Arvensis
I think they are adorable.

I am slowly recovering disaster by the brook,
but not know yet, how to make it better.

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