May 7, 2016

Raceday in Madona

On Saturday morning we enjoyed a great breakfast 
- and a lot of coffee.
We really weren't in hurry,
breakfast was served for us at 7 o'clock,
so we had almost three hour before we should be at race track.So we headed to market,

which we saw opening from our room window.

I have no idea,
if there is every Saturday market that big,
but I felt there was stall after an other
- not to mention how many sapling sellers there was.
I managed to avoid almost all the temptations,
but finally bought three peonies.
Two pinks and one white.
Sellers couldn't say,
if they were Sarah Bernhardt or something else.
But it really doesn't matter.
I also got help from local police,
when I tried to find out if leaves,
which looked like sorrel,
were sorrel.
They were not.

Market was full of different kind of foodstuff.
Some of them were mundane,
but some were gorgeous.
Like these gingerbreads:
Really, it must have taken hours to decorate these!
There was also payed attention for presentation.
Like this one,
who was selling rose nurseries.
These roses tied to the fence were real:
I guess there would have been a lot more to see, 
but we needed to head to race track at the time,
when the band was getting ready.
By the way, there was ice hockey game shown on that screen back
on Friday night, when we arrived.
On race track there wasn't very fancy conditions
- I made sandwiches in the van.
Made coffee in the van.
Heated food in the van...
Day was sunny,
and there was not hard wind,
so it was easy with the food:
no big worries about sand in the sandwiches.
After the day in race track,
we had dinner close to our hotel,
I was hoping,
that we could make sightseeing tour around the city,
but we were both too tired.
Just happy,
that we had a chance to sleep,
and didin't had to start driving back home.

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