May 6, 2016

Helsinki-Tallinn- Madona

Supermoto season has now really started.
It means, that I will spend time in pit stop kitchen
- as well I have a chance to travel.
I guess it can be called already a tradition,
that I spend 1st of  May weekend in Latvia.

This was 4th 1st of May in the row in Latvia,

and second in Madona.
We were lucky to have great weather
- no rubber boots or quilted jacked was needed.
It was a little windy on Friday,
when we sailed across the Gulf of Finland,
so I didn't spent much time on the deck.
But enough to get some photos about the sea.
Sometimes I feel,
that I cannot get enough salty wind.
When we went ashore in Tallinn,
we didn't waste time
- headed right on the road.
Well, it proved a little more complicated:
we couldn't find the right junction...
And drove circle around Lasnamäe.
It looked so clear in the port

and we have drove to Pärnu already several times,
but somehow it didn't go that easy this time.
For the next time I have notes now
- but it is of course possible,
that those are useless,
if the junctions will change...
We are way too peasants to handle traffic in big cities, I guess.
We managed to get to the right road,
(after Hubby had told,
that he will drive straight back to port ,
if we miss the right junction once more)
and after that it was easy 
- just follow it and eventually you'll come to the state border of Latvia.
We stopped several times,
but mostly on rest stops.

Spring seemed to be a little later than last time,
Wood anemones were seen all over,
and I managed to find several liverworts, too.
Even pink ones.

In Latvia our first stop was by the sea.
I walked along small path to the shore.
The sun was still up,
so the sea was glinting
Beach was almost empty,
The sand was very fine,
and I came across a small shell with an other inside of it.
It looked like a pearl.
Of course I had to pick few...
I would have spent more time in there,
but unfortunately we were only on the half way to Madona,
so it wasn't possible stay there long.
We didn't take P30 as google recommends.
Instead we drove E67 
- and I guess that is why we didn't see so many storks this time.
There was also many nests,
which seemed empty.

We stopped in rush,
which proved to be traffic lights.
The way in which there is driven, 
it is surely also the possibilities for the worse.
Glad it was only red lights.

We passed many old churches.

 I tried to get photos through the car window.
Because it was getting dusk,
there was no hope for longer stop.
 They were in very good shape,
so congregations must be active.

We admired gorgeous sunset,
and arrived Madona,
when it was dark.
We really had no problem to crawl into bed early.
Because Hotel Madona was quite fully booked-up,
they told our breakfast will be at 7 o'clock.
Well, they say that "early bird catches the worm".
We caught the Market...

Our last travel to Madona, Latvia is found in 

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