April 25, 2016

First things first...

Now, when Supermoto Season starts again.
the very first thing for me is
to get my "First Aid bag" ready.
Of course there is First Aid Kit in car,
and there is also help around the race track,
but my bag is for different use.

Small scratchs.
 More leaning than life saver.
Mosquito bites?
I can help :)
Boys are already in Estonia training.
I will leave to Latvia for the first race.
There probable will be cold and rainy.
I will pack my rubber boots.
And wool socks.
Spring is coming with varying degrees of success.
Navelwort started to bloom.
Next we got hail
And snow...
But my tomatoes are growing 
and so are peas, too.
They will be eaten when they get about 10 cm long.

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