April 10, 2016

Decorating papercups

Spring is progressing so fast.
Liverleafs are blooming in the back yard.
They are so beautiful.
Spring also means Supermoto.
Season will start in no time.
And I will be spending several weekends in race track.
Cooking. Making coffee. Tensing.
Boys will leave to training camp to Estonia for a week,

and in the end of that will be first race.
First race of Estonian Championship.
And Motobiili - the Camper - will stay at home.
So I won't have  fancy kitchen.
But I will have beautiful coffee cups.

My supplies were paper napkins,
glue, water and brush.
And of course white paper cups.

I mixed some glue in to water.
It made nice silhouettes.
Well, it had to be mixed,
sot this was only quick fun.
I used diluted glue,
because I don't have decoupage lacquer
- and I have found out already,
that it woks as well.
And is cheaper, too.
Technique is the same;
just brushed in glue over the napkin pattern
and let it dry.
In Madona pit stop coffee will be served in rose cups.
They are almost like china, aren't they?

During next few weeks I will be planning our journey,
foods, which I will serve in pit stop.
And everything,
which with I am able to make pit stop life fluently.
But also will enjoy the spring.

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