May 9, 2016

Back home from Madona

We drove back to Tallinn faster than we drove from  Tallinn to Madona.
It is weird.
Does hubby drive faster?
We made few stops, which I felt longer than on Friday.

 We had a stop in Liepsalas.
- and many other places,
which names I unfortunately have forgotten.
Everyone of them was beautiful.
Old buildings.
Lot of churches by the road.
We made also a stop by the river of the Salaca.
Beautiful bank and view.
By the river lies a church,
build in 1777.
In the village called Salacoriva.
I am sure it is gorgeous during the winter,
when lights are on inside.
I am not sure,
why I have fell in love with Latvia.
I don't know much about their culture,
I don't know much about their history.
I don't know their language.
Or their daily life.
I know people are friendly and helpful.
Maybe it is because there is some old fashioned romantic atmosphere?

Always some vegetation,
which looks exotic.
Maybe it is the same like in Estonia:
some of it reminds my from my childhood in 70's?
Once again Latvia left pleasant memories,
and I really hope I'll see these windmills again.
Next spring.

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