April 17, 2016

Once upon a time....

Once upon a time there was a grandmother,
who asked her grandsons,
 if they would like to come over and help cleaning the yard.
Grandmother told,
that she would pay salary for the job well done.
"I'll come" said 7-year old.
"I might have something else to do", told almost 9-years old.
On the Saturday morning at nine a.m.grandpa's phone rang,
and a little boy was asking:
"Can we come already? And can 5-year old come, too?"
Of course they could,
and grandpa drove to pick up two exited little boys.
Grandma was delighted,
two pairs of hands helping!
And she started to rake.
Boys followed grandpa to garage to repair bicycles.
Grandma was raking.
After some time boys run upper yard,
and asked, what they should do.
Grandma told, that she needed help with raking 
and someone to keep sack open,
that putting leaves and other litter in it would be easier.
7-years old took rake and did some raking 
and 5- year old picked up several broken branches.
When grandma turned her back,
she found out that boys were gone.
Grandma went on with raking.
Boys were driving their bikes.
Grandma went on raking,
Boys were driving a car with grandpa.
Grandma went on with cleaning.
Boys came and asked,
if they could get their bounty.
They said they have done so much,
that they are all sweaty.
Grandma went on with cleaning the yard,
two little boys were eating ice cream.
Grandma went of with raking,
two little boys were cavorting with grandpa inside.
Grandma was collecting leaves and litters in sack,
Two little boys were playing floorball behind her back.
Grandma was tired and sat on bench.
There is, of course, Happy End:
Front yard was almost done.
Most of the leaves and litter are gone.

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