April 7, 2016

Little chores here and there

Last days have been variable:
work and a little bit fun between daily life.
Like cleaning Motobiili.
Camper used in race tracks.
Yep. Supermoto season is starting soon.

But for those race days,
where Motobiili will be in racetrack,

the kitchen is clean and in order.

I made few changes in pantry,
Next summer will show, how utilitarian it is.
I just love the led lights,
which boys build in every closet
- no problem to find things.

Some time ago I found an idea from Pinterest (surprise).
My boards really need to organizing, too,
because I cannot find that Pin anymore.
Anyway, the idea was to put seeds into photo album,
so they are easy to see and find.
I got a photo album on Monday,
and it was just great one for seeds.
I have kept my seeds in tin,
nice, but so unpractical,
because seeds are just stuffed in.
Now I could put them in order,
and am able to see with few glances,
what I have left and what I will need more.
Right now actually not any.
Peas and beans were too big to put in,
so they are still separated.
Album is so full,
that I needed to tie it with ribbon.
I covered the word "photo" with sticker.
I will ask my daughter to write "seed" on it
-she has a whole lot better handwriting than I do.
I really wait for time to get back to garden.
Today I found out, that few tomato seeds had sprout.
Week or two and they will need to be separated.

Becoming weeks I will plan life in race tracks,
- there is a lot of things,
that need to be checked out.
In the end of month it is time to start the season.
In Madona, Latvia like last year.
You'll recognize me from my new t-shirt,
which I got from my eldest daughter:

Hope we will have warm summer!

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