July 17, 2015

American Beauty Car Show- surroundings

American Beauty Car Show was held in phenomenal surrounding
- in the old Bishop's Castle in Haapsalu.
So the days weren't filled with cars only.
The Bishop's Castle is amazing.
 Even though great part of it has gone during decades,
just the stonewalls are awesome.
The area of the Castle wasn't small.
Some parts has remain better than others...
and the size of courtyard could still perseive...
 Children have't forgotten...
 Under the hill there was a big playgound for kids.

I enjoy a lot just wandering around
But I also managed to tempt hubby into museum...
 where armors were watching by the door.
 I think kids nowadays wouldn't appreciate this school room...
The church is renovated
 I was sorry, that I hadn't got flashlight in my purse,
otherwise I would have looked White Lady's prison closer

It would have been possible to climp up to tower 
and ring the church bells.
We didn't.
Instead of that we enjoyed one of the greatist festival meals I have eaten.
I choose salmon,
but I sure hope I would be able to eat two meals,
so I could have chance to taste meat, too.
It was nice to lie down on the grass afterwards
and listen to music...
Some had energy to party...
they might have got a mug or two...
I focused to admire flowers...
growing around the stonewalls
Tiny chesnuts were hiding in the grass..

 I cannot imagine,
how much it has taken work to get castle done.
 Can you ?

To be continue...


  1. What a cool location. I like how they got around the no woman's foot shall ever step over the doorstep rule!

    1. That was a great story indeed. It show, that if you have will, you'll find the way :-)

  2. Wow, what a great post. I love the backstory, love pics and everything else.


  3. What an interesting post. Thank you so much for bringing it to Fridays Blog Booster Party. That must have been such a good day and your photos tell the story so well. It is hard to imagine all the work that went into those buildings. I can't wait for part 2.

  4. Congratulations, this post was in the TOP SIX most clicked on Fridays Blog Booster Party #15. It will have special mention on Friday.
    Thanks for the great post,

    1. Oh, what a pleasant surprise! Thank you for the party in http://60-thenew40.com/category/blog-booster-party/ !

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    ihanaa tunnelmaa ja upeita kuvia historiallisesta paikasta. Todella mielenkiintoinen postaus joka saa itsekin haluamaan päästä paikanpäälle!