March 15, 2015

Easter grass in lamp base

I have a spring feeling.
Sun is shining and I have made some cleaning in the yard.
Ground is still frozen here and there,
but I have managed to do some jobs that I left behind in fall.

But spring feeling also forces to do some seeding.
And I did.

I found this lamp base, when I was looking for wreath base from closet.

It reminds cake stand a little.

Grass in the middle and decor on edgings?

As lamp base has few holes for screws,
 it needed some cover.
I used paper plate.

As normally,
I didn't have any mold.
With Easter grass it is no problem.
Newspaper and paper towels works fine.

So I cut some old newspaper

put them on paper plate

and wet them.
It took awhile until they were all wet,
not sure if it was because of paper type or what.

On newspaper I put some paper towels
- just to make it look little nicer.

Then it was time for seeds.

All over the plate...

and covered up with cling film,
so it will keep moist.

The shape of lamp base is great,
because there is recess in the middle,
so cling film won't get tangled so easy on seeds.

No there is only one thing left:
waiting for the grass to grow.
And if you are suspicious,
here is one from last year, grown on paper towel. 

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