October 5, 2014

A bit of halloween at terrace

It wasn't raining today,
so I decided to put terrace ready for winter.
Just cover the grill
- that we used twice last summer-
and put aside table and chairs.
That was a plan...

Parthenocissus has grown wild,

and I have just evaded it around lamp body during the summer,
so I had two twig nests up on my head.
I wanted get rid off them.
I knew it wouldn't be clever idea to give shears to my hubby,
but because of my "apple" elbow,
I just needed help.
And he cut them down.

He also cut all the ones heading the roof.
And climbed on roof to clean spouts.
"Would you come and watch if I'll fall down?"

"Oh yes, I really, really want to see that..."

After getting down,
he went on with cutting.
I might hear he said something about my Finnish Rose.
I didn't want to hear...

During he cut,
I dug this out from wild vine:

Well, we are having a lot of natural light in terrace now.

After taking all the dead summer flowers away,
terrace was looking boring.
And there was lolling this thing:

I also had there fake lingonberry twig ball.
So I put them together
- and had a brand new lamp:

Just need to find transformer to get lights on...
In the corner I found some pots
and lifted then on railing.
Wasn't looking very neat.
So I put some of coniferous branches in them:

Yes, there are still some of paper-button-flowers hanging...

Well, a little better.
And then I remembered I had few Halloween pots!

Here we go:

And on the other railing I also picked solar lamps from garden:

Two similar pots and four lamps:

Couldn't throw away all the berries,
so I took some into branches.
Love their combination of blue and red:

Lamp body is waiting for something
-don't know yet, what it will be.

The dark is sneaking...

Transformer is still missing....

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