July 26, 2014

My Martian

My younger daughter had a great hurry into this world.
The hurry scared her, too, so she was all green.
We call her Martian.

What else she could be?

Two hours after her birth I was told,
I need to guide my child better - 
she was so stubborn,
that her lungs couldn't get x-rayed.

She told me at age of 5, she couldn't take trash out

- just because it could make her hands dirty.
That hasn't stop her crawling in mud and
use  assault rifle.

She uses odd socks every day.
She says it brings her luck.

She sure brings laugh at out lives.

She sends SMS-questions with pictures,
like when I asked her to take my plants out in spring:

Or asks:
If I have ready-to-use cake base,do I have to bake it?

She is the one, who puts tent up,
- at her own backyard:

Just because it is fun.

She can easily mix glue and face cream.
Just accidentally.

She is the one, who is having Really. Bad. bad-hair-days:

She can take great photos even with phone:

She gives generous directives
- like "screw in here":

She just sends sms, when her computer is acting weird:


She is the one, who jumb in bed and almost strangle herself in to bedroom lamp
- with her night dress:

She  gets ideas and makes them come true right away
- with supplies she has on hand:

cosmopolitan table
She doesn't like mornings.
So she works in evenings.

She finds solutions.
Life would be more fun,
if we all could have little Martian inside us.


  1. Ah. What a wonderful tribute to your girl. I have one that is a little like that. Some days I don't know what to do with her, but I do love every minute of being her mother!