July 6, 2014


Going fishing is not so simple.
At least at our house.

First has to decide if wants to go by the sea or by the lake.
As we fish with hook and line with worms,
there are not so many limitation of places
- well, it is not allowed by the Kerava river banks close to us...

photo: http://www.domnik.net
My favorite island front of Helsinki.
There we used to fish when I was a child. 
No own boat and connection ferries will stop at 9 p.m.
So no.

photo: wikipedia
Well...even though it is very popular ,
I have never felt it as a place to spent spare-time.
Somehow it so an Adult place.

Sitting on the platform and soak hook and line between boats...
That is how I got my first bream!
I was about 9 years old,
and our boat was on the land (spring? fall?)
and my father gave me hook and line and some dough.
Bream was big
- at least it was so big, 
I couldn't get it up without help.

But hubby wasn't so excited about driving to Helsinki.

So we ended up lake Tuusulanjärvi.
It is anyway only 10 minutes drive.

It was 8:30 p.m when we arrived.
Sun was shining straight to platform.
I don't handle worms,
so that kind of work is delegated to my hubby.

During he was "working",
I took photos.

Almost ready...

Here we go...

My first fish! Perch!

During drive back home I was wondering,
why don't we have a boat, 
not even rowing boat.
Maybe one day, when we are retired...

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