May 10, 2014

Let me introduce: Our Princess - Oona Aleksandra

Today we had our Little Princess' first party.
Weather was fine - not shiny, but not rainy either.
Opposite yesterday night,
when the tent was raised in front yard:

After tent was up,
I hanged - with boys' help-
paper flower mobile and other flower lines I made earlier:

Ladders helped, too
And name-lines:

Table and benches,
Oona's late great-great-grandmother's tablecloth,
and tent was ready:

unfortunately name-lines didn't manage rainy and windy night :-(
Inside the house I spent quite a lot of time arranging paper dishes.
I had to tie a ribbon around napkins,
otherwise they wouldn't stay in order:

basked is from Ikea, bought for Granny's house 
Plates and cups in piles:

And cake plates in basket:

As I hate myself situations,
when you try to get a single plate from tight pile of paper plates,
and they are just so stuck in each other,
I wanted separate all these in advance.

They didn't fit after that on tv-stand,
so I had to lug a side table as tailpiece.

A few balloons around kitchen doorway:

and hallway:

And now.
Let me introduce:
Our Little Princess,
Oona Aleksandra:

Met her great-great-grandmom
and great-great-aunt, 
but slept almost through her party.
Maybe we were boring her?