February 1, 2015

Arranging at sauna

Our children have had their "own place" at Sauna.
One after an other.
Nowadays it is taken over by the youngest one.
All of them has had own ideas,
how to decor place.
The only similarity has been,
that budget has been practically zero.

There isn't so much room, 

whole cottage is only 32 square meters,
and sauna it self takes a great part of it.
And fireplace takes it's room, too.
So, the youngest managed to get a loft bed
-and because of that whole cottage got new arrangement.
Under the bed is left whole lot more room than earlier.
For all the weird stuff,
that boys have.
Fireplace is not used,
it works, though,
but keeping fire in it would just be waste of woods
- it doesn't storage any warmth.

In the back, 
next to kitchen
there is a tiny room,
with a desk and clothes closet.

I might have done it differently,
but my job was just to find out solutions,
like give this serving cart for shoes.
But now there is a place to sleep,
a place to stare at tv,
a place to cook.
a place to keep clothes,
and a place for workbench.

I really hope,
that some day Hubby will agree
and paint all this wood out of my sight.


  1. I love the peek into your sauna house. How wonderful it must be to have something like that on your property!

    1. We are very lucky to have this place; there is - and has been - so many opportunities to "play" with different situations. Even though we are sometimes sick with all the work there is, most of the time we are happy!