February 26, 2015

Shopping list for pit kitchen

Racing season is coming closer and closer,
and even though there is still time until the first grand prix will start,
I took my notebook
and started planning shopping list.

IKEA Notebook for notes during Supermoto race season

It is my responsibility to feed "the team".

During past years it has been very interesting
as there has been tracks, where  has not been electricity,
so even making coffee with help of generator has been challenging,
because most of the power is needed to warm tires...
But now Motorist has the MOTOBIILI.
And that means I have a kitchen.
Kitchen with fridge and gas cooker and running water.

At the time, I really don't know is it help or pain.
It has been 30 (!) decades since I last time used gas for cooking.
And it is still pit kitchen,
so there will be few rules and limitations.

All the food need to be easy and fast to eat.
There has to be slow carbohydrates,
light proteins -and as little as possible, fat.

Breakfast is easy: 
bread with ham and cheese and greens, 
juice, coffee, yoghurt, milk, oatmeal, maybe boiled eggs.
But it isn't necessarily whole breakfast,
it all depends time-table,
so it is possible, 
that I only make coffee and sandwiches.

I have no idea about lunches,
neither dinners,
which are probable in Oulu, Iisalmi and Imatra.
Nor, for how many men I need to feed.
But shopping list is taking shape.
Wanna visit in pit?
I'll offer a a cup of coffee.
In paper cup.

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