April 3, 2016

March: money gone, in where it was spent?

March was long.
And I knew already before counting,
we had spent a lot.
Way too much.
There is three sections were lower than earlier:
Ready meals, gas and treats.
Dairy is easy to explain:
more cheese.
But also more milk: 58 litres.
Almost 2 litres/day.

I thought I had made bread at home all the time,
but I hadn't.
At least rose total tells something else.

 I felt really hard to find reasonable priced and decent fruits.
I managed to buy bit over 17 kilos of them, though.

Vegetables, ridiculous 2,25 kilos.
I have used vegetables, 

most from freezer
- and I have heard, 
that there has been enough carrots.
Well, there isn't them in freezer anymore.
But I do have an half cabbages in fridge...

Meat, chicken, fish and eggs.
No radical change.
 A bit more meat than in February, less chicken,
fish and eggs - no change. 

Prescription drugs were way more expensive,
that I expected.
Even though I knew they will take a lot,
but that much was a surprise.
Clothes are higher:
I bought new shies for spring.
Now I am waiting for better weather.
During this month I have to by few new jeans,
And hubby needs underwear,
so it will be a lot of higher in April.

Gas lower,
because I had my winter holiday,
and there were no driving to work.
Sundries higher again.

Something has to be done.
This is too much.

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