March 20, 2016

Vernal equinox is here again

It is hard to believe,
that winter is over.
Or at least in calendar it is.
Last two mornings it has been -10 C.

But days have been sunny,

- at least much.

Kittens have enjoyed their new freedom.

Easter will be next weekend,
so I used Easter decor on Vernal Equinox table.
I made earlier arrangement into the bowl,
with fake tulips, carnations and roses.
All yellow and white, with few green leaves.
Now I add in it few willow twigs.
Hubby brought them for me in the morning.
I also add few plastic eggs.

Almost inconspicuous.

Because children were coming for dinner,
I spent most of the day in kitchen.
And as usual-
kitchen table was carried to living room.

Children were hungry,
so I was a little late with a photo of food.
I didn't set the table,
this time plates were on the bar,too.

No family meal without dessert.
I'll do the dishes tomorrow.

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