March 26, 2016


I am not a seamstress.
Not even close.
I don't have patient nor careful quality of mind.
But time a time I sew.
Even though my seams are not straight.

During my life I have done sewing more than my crafts teacher ever could imagine.
Probably she would have, well, 

not so flattering opinion about my work quality,
but so what?
I don't dream about selling my crafts,
and if I make it for myself,
why should I worry about things like that?

Now, when I have been on my winter holiday,
I have had time to do those sewing,
which I have planned after Christmas,
when I got a new sewing machine from hubby.
The old one refused to do any zigzag, 
and so a lot of sewing was impossible with it.
During this week I have really been diligent
- and I am very, very pleased about myself, too!

So, I saw in Pinterest (where else?) a picture of little girls dress,
made from pillow case.
I just had to try it.
Of course I was lazy enough and did not read instructions,
just stared a photo and made my version.
It turned nice,
but a little too wide.
That problem will be solved easily
- just take in from both sides.
Or use narrower pillow case next time.

I also sew duvet cover and pillow case for my daughter's favorite blanket.
Blanket is old,
and now it leaves hair onto her couch.
She didn't want to throw it away
and it is longer than normal blanket,
so it also needed longer cover.

What else?
Two dozens of napkins from old sheet.
Two old blouses got a new life as long tunic/dress with adding bottom of old t-shirts.

And multiple use apron for my eldest,
which I am very proud of!

I started with an old men's shirt.
And an old round table cloth.

I cut collar and sleeves off,
and also a piece from back side.
That was not planned,
but collar was in so bad shape,
that using "original plan" was out of question.
Then I cut all the way border of table cloth,

At that point apron was almost ready.
Of course, it needed sewing hems into neckline and cuffs,
as well as sewing that piece of table cloth down to tail.
I got webbing from old curtain.
And here it is:
When you are in hurry,
you can just put hands in and tie webbing back
and you are ready to go.
By the way, I am very proud,
that I left that little tab there
- with it it is easy to hang the apron.

And when you know you are doing something that takes longer
- like cleaning-
you can wear it  like overall:

I think I am done with sewing for a while.


  1. Hittolainen sentään mutta teikäläinenhän on kätevä käsistään!

    1. Kiitos kehuista. Totuus on kuitenkin se, että nämä meikäläisen "ompelutaidot" on aikoinaan koulussa opetettu - kuten kaikille ikäluokkani tyttölapsille. Yhtä itkua ja hammasten kiristelyä se silloin aikoinaan oli, mutta nykyään jo ilahduttaa jokainen pienikin aikaansaannos :-)