March 6, 2016

I know what I'll be doing during next week...

I slept a little longer on Saturday morning.
When I woke up,
I saw from window Hubby in backyard with the saw.
And he had been up few hours already.
After several cups of strong coffee,
I was ready to go out and see,
what has happened.
This had:
Cherry tree was gone.
It died few years ago 
and had been waiting for felling.
Well, Hubby had hewn also one of the small rowans.
And pruned a lot of Sargent crabapple,
which didn't actually pleased me.
 But I was happy,
that the dead tree was gone.

And when he started,
he wanted to hew down also maple
- actually I was the one, who wanted it down -
and finally the Serbian Spruce,
which was growing way too close to house.
And started to slant against the house.
That mable didn't look like a tree at all
- it looked more like an overgrown bush with many limbs.
And it was growing in a slope,
and we had no idea,
how it was planted
- or had it grown from a seed.
The stump will be cut down later
- Hubby said he will need more powered saw for it.
Then he started to prune branches from Serbian Spruce.

He cut down a lot of branches from the side of the house.
And so center of gravity also moved.
Spruce was planned to hew away from the house, of course.
It looked, well, quite stupid after that...

Today it was hewn down.
Hubby climbed up and put a rope around the tree.
He took the rope down over the direction,
where he wanted the spruce to fall down.
He didn't do the last part alone.
Our eldest son came over for give a hand.
He was the one,
who took care of pulling the tree to the right direction.
It happened fast.
Hubby cut triangular piece from tree trunk
and the tree was down.
Right where it has planned to,
Between lamp and rowan.
Hubby cut tree trunk in smaller pieces.
My job is to cut all the branches in pieces,
so they will be composted...
So, they is no question,
what I am doing in my spare time during becoming week(s)...

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