March 4, 2016

and dinners in February...

It is clear,
that I cook too much.
Or maybe I just am wise enough to cook for two days at once?
So or not,
we have been eaten leftovers quite often again...

February looked like this:
1. Leftovers. Yes. We started February with leftovers.

2. Frankfurter sauce and fried potatoes and noodles
3. Leftovers. Again.
4. Ham and spinach pasta
5. Chicken sauce and baked potatoes
6. Pork sauce and potatoes
7. Bacon wrapped chicken and noodles
8. Pea soup
9. Chicken soup
10.Ground beef sauce and baked potatoes
11. Leftovers
12. Fried coalfish and baked potatoes
13. Meat and vegetables stew
14. Ground beef sauce and pasta
15. Oven baked sausages and French fries
16. Leftovers. Sigh.
17. Ground beef risotto
18. Leftovers
19. Oven meatballs and mashed potatoes
20. Karelian stew and potatoes
21. Sausage soup
22. Chicken sauce and rice
23. Oven fried lax and French fries
24. Eating unusable meat and rice pan (sandwiches)
25. Mexican stew
26. Pea soup
27. Chicken in milk and rice
28. Ground beef sauce and potatoes
29. Ground beef pasta

Boring, so boring.
Five times leftovers.
Three times ground beef sauce.
Twice pea soup.
I am bored.
Can I make reclamation for the chef?

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