August 29, 2015

Fall is around the corner

I have to admit to myself,
that fall is almost here.
Even the days have been mostly sunny,
evenings are dump and chilly.
And getting darker,

I have spent a lot of time in berry garden.
Black currant didn't made much berries,
but white ones did.
We have few piles of clay still there
- hubby has dug off some of it - 
and the surface is covered with it up to silver willow.

I am still waiting for compensation,
or actually, 
that company would come and plant new bushes and trees,
which they destroyed.
That was promised.
Water in brook is very low.
During these 15 years it never has been so low.
It is amazing,
it rained all the summer.
Where is all the water?
Is it pent-up some where?
And will flow down one day?

Rokkari decided, that he wants to eat dog food:

It lasted two days.
Maybe he found out,
that it isn't any better than his own?

Wild gooseberries in front yard turned to be delicious.
I expected them to be sour,
but when I cautiously tasted one,
it sure gave me a surprise.
No wonder,
that raccoon dog ate them all last year.

Pleasant surprise has also been kale.
Some of it have already eaten,
some of them I have dehydrated,
I will use them in soups.

I also dehydrated some black currants,
but they turned so sour,
that I sank them into sugar.
Cannot recommend.
At least in year like this,
when there has not formed much sugar in berries.

We won't get any eatable apples.
There is few in the trees,
but they are already eaten by argyresthia conjugella.
No blooming or berries in rowans over here.

I have stared the sky.

And the moon.

And planned what to do with the cottage,
when I get some time.
I have already painted few lamps,
which my daughter have made from pots.
 Wallpaper is waiting for...

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